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DAP Subsidy 2021 | Subsidy Verification App info 2021


DAP Subsidy 2021 | Subsidy Verification App info 2021

The Punjab government has issued a farmer's card to give direct subsidies to farmers. Under which farmers will be able to get fertilizers and other agricultural products at direct discounted prices. But this facility is only available to select and registered farmers of Punjab.

How Can I get DAP Subsidy?

To receive the subsidy, the farmer must be registered with the government. To obtain registration, the farmer should contact his respective agriculture officer. After registration, you can get the subsidy payment by sending the token number.

DAP Subsidy 2021 Information

The Punjab government has started implementing the decision to increase the subsidy on fertilizers. Now all the farmers have started getting DAP 1000 subsidies through Kisan card.
The subsidy will be given only to the farmers who have a farmer's card. The details of giving subsidies on fertilizer are given below.

Fertilizers Name Tokens Subsidy Payments Per Tokens
  • DAP 20 1000
  • NP 20 200
  • NPK 10 300
  • SOP 10 800
  • MOP 10 500
  • Cotton              2                         1000
  • Puddy               2                         1000
  • Sunflower         5                         1000
  • Canola              5                         1000
  • Pesticides          5                        200

Subsidy Verification App Information

The Punjab government has not launched any subsidy verification app. But Connect By HBL will update some settings in the device which will auto-verify the tokens and farmers will be able to get their subsidy payment immediately. For this purpose, a serial number has been given on the subsidy tokens which will be auto-verified after entering into the device.

Subsidy Card Refresh Information

A farmer can only send tokens to his ID card to a certain extent. Which is described above. Once the limit is reached on an ID card, this replay occurs when you send the token.
"Aap k darj karda ID card par subsidy leny ki mukarrah had Mukamal ho chuki hay . Shukriya"

Once the subsidy limit is reached, it is updated again every six months.

All The Subsidy Limited Cards have been refreshed from 10 June 2021  

Now all the farmers who had the limit to get subsidies on their card can now send tokens again.

Kissan Subsidy Helpline

Tool-free Agriculture Helpline


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