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5 Useful Apps for Farmers | Agriculture Apps | Subsidy Claim App

 5 Useful Agri Apps For Farmers

5 Useful Apps for Farmers | Agriculture Apps | Subsidy Claim App

Today we are going to discuss 5 top-rated apps for farmers. These Apps are helpful for agriculture products rates updates, subsidy updates, and much more. so, now get started.

1# Agri Subsidy App

In this app, farmers can know the absolute about subsidy. They can send tokens, they can find out the status of their tokens, they can find out the details of their payment, and they can also find out their registration.

What information is in the subsidy app?
Subsidies contain these features.
  • Token sending.
  • Token Status.
  • Subsidy Details.
  • Subsidy Limit Info.
  • Farmers Registration Status.
  • Farmers land Details
With the help of the subsidy app, you can send your tokens free of cost without paying a Rs 2.50 tax.

2# Digital PLRA 

This app is specially designed to know the online record of land in Pakistan. With the help of this app, you can find out anyone's land records online. Farmers can get their land records by entering their name or ID card or square number.

  • Land Record Online
  • Khasra Number 
  • Kuwait Number
  • Kila number
  • Khatami Number
  • Family tree
  • Land Owner Details
Download It from the Play store

#3 Merizameen Application

In this app, you can contact online agriculture officers to know about the diseases affecting your crop plants. You can get your land analyzed. In this app, you are given online facilities, all the facilities that you get in the agriculture office.

  • Online Land Analysis.
  • Online plant diseases consultant.
  • Online farmers' support.
  • Farmers Guides.
  • Tips for better profit.
  • Tips for Planting and Harvesting Ideas.
This app is very useful In Covid 19 Situation.

4# Qeemat Punjab App

In this app, you can know the price online. In this app, the prices of everything like potato, maize, wheat, rice, sugarcane, cotton, chilies, canola, etc. are given on daily basis. Rates for vegetables, meat, and lentils are also given so that the price of anything can be found online.

5# Plantix App

Plantix app is your crop doctor app with the help of this app you can get your plant consultant easily online.

  • Online Plant Doctor.
  • Plant Diseases Control Online.
  • Fertilizing Schedule.
  • Pesticides Needs Guides in fields.

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